Moon war chests and diamonds




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    Ignacio Matilla



    As I have seen, the chests have the following drops: Better chest, same chest, worse chest, or skin.


    Is it possible to know the odds of each chest drop, to know which one is better to open, please?

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    Agent BEARD

    Hello, Ignacio Matilla,

    You are right about the drops, but sadly, we don't know the %. You see, MoonWars is a free option and you only need to use diamonds to open those chests. Of course, if chests cost more, then you have better chances to win better prizes. Grab free diamonds every 2 hours and check it yourself. And definitely, don't forget to check MoonWars game - you can also get chests or win more free diamonds.

    In case you have more questions, contact our support ( and we will try to help you :)

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